At Contec, we strive to be the best at bringing creative technology and people based solutions to the world's best Multiple-System Operators (MSO's) and Electronics OEM's that enable them to extend and maximize the service life and financial returns from their customer premises equipment and electronics hardware products and to offer their customers excellence in customer service.

Contec is committed to the development of long-term integrated relationships with our partners, consistently upgrading and expanding our existing capabilities in the areas of the Cable & Satellite Industry, Electronics Repair Services, Integrated Reverse logistics solution, Technology Development, Remote Control, and Parts Services. As a highly integrated, trusted and proven OEM partner, we provide high-quality failure data to help our partners provide quality improvement to their products.

Our general electronics hardware repair services also leverage our service center network to offer our OEM customers the technical skills and proximity that is required to service and repair complex electronics hardware for customers from a wide range of industries including Medical, Industrial, and Analytical equipment.

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